The Karate Sport England 2015 Championships was probably the biggest for some years with good attendance from friends around the UK including the AMA, Karate Wales, EKK and EUKA. An excellent standard reminiscent of the old EKGB nationals from the 1990's.  

KSE members UKA topped the medals table with with 27 gold but all sections were hotly contested.  

A special well done to Shauna Carroll who won 3 golds in senior/Junior and Ippon kumite events. Also Sensei Mike Cormack who won double gold in senior open kata and male senior kumite under 65k.  

Gold medals for UKA were won by the following:-

Shauna Carroll (3)
Mike Cormack (2)
Jacob Husbands
Connie Antoshko
Joseph Watts
Alice Briner
Hattie Siddle
Grace Harrington
Michael Witherspoon
Mareid Ladbrooke
Bobby Grafton
Chanel Riley
Chloe Barnes
Luke Cuthbert
Jason Marquis
Boys team under 12 yrs
Girls team under 12 years
Girls 13/14 team
Female 15-17 sanbon team
Female 15-17 rotation team
Male 15-17 sanbon team
Male 15-17 rotation team
Male senior sanbon team
Male senior rotation team

  The next major event is the English Karate Council Showcase on the 17th May at Sheffiled , Ponds Forge. Selected squad only.  

The Shikon Open at Harlow is on Sunday 5th July.